Americans in Wartime Experience

A Different Kind of Experience

This is not your father's museum. Most museums in our area are great. And most are contained in one building with exhibits hanging on walls and hidden behind glass. 

Do not touch signs are everywhere.

The Americans in Wartime Experience (AWE) is something entirely different. At AWE, you'll find more than 100 operational military tanks and vehicles, some dating back to World War I. Beyond just seeing them, you will be able to touch and perhaps even climb on them.

What other museum might feature a demonstration of how a flame thrower works?


Beyond seeing the tanks and being able to touch them, you'll feel the ground shake under your feet when one of our tanks rumbles through the demonstration area. You'll smell the diesel. If you really are curious about the tanks, you'll be able to visit the mechanics' shop, and get an up-close look as tanks are being restored or repaired. 

Once opened, the Landscapes of War will give you a sense of what the wartime experience was like for American servicemen and women during different conflicts. 

We believe you'll not only like a day at AWE, but that you'll love it, and want to come back. It is more than a museum.

It is an experience.
The Americans in Wartime Experience is a planned 63-acre educational and historical complex like no other. Designed to tell the stories and honor the sacrifices of all who sacrificially gave during times of conflict — whether on the homefront or abroad — this project will help you walk back into history in an new way. LEARN MORE

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