Americans in Wartime Experience

An Educational Experience Your Students Will Enjoy


The Americans in Wartime Experience (AWE) will give students of all ages an opportunity to walk back into history, creating a field trip experience like no other.

From our unrivaled collection of 100+ working military vehicles to our multi-acre, interactive Landscapes of War, to the Visitor Center's exploration of the ways that our conflicts have touched the lives of all Americans, to age-appropriate activities for children, your students will be inspired as they learn.

You will enjoy the opportuity to build a wide range of history and/or civics lesson plans around your students' experiences.
The Americans in Wartime Experience is a planned 63-acre educational and historical complex like no other. Designed to tell the stories and honor the sacrifices of all who sacrificially gave during times of conflict — whether on the homefront or abroad — this project will help you walk back into history in an new way. LEARN MORE

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