Americans in Wartime Experience

The Latest on Our Progress

We are excited to share progress that has been made to date.


  • A Prime real estate has been secured
  • Funds for first phases (including), development of critical infrastructure, have been raised
  • 17 acres have alread been cleared for the building of the first Landscapes of War
  • Temporary Information Center to open by early summer 2021
  • 20 Additional acres on schedule to be cleared by early summer 2021
  • Project retaining walls to be completed by late summer 2021


  • Phase 1: Secure land & Conceptualize: Complete.
  • Phase 2: Infrastructure, roads, bridges, utilities, and pad: Underway; Funding secured
  • Phase 3: Develop robust online presence: Phase 3a (Website Redesign) Complete; Additional funding required to begin more comprehensive educational tools and online exhibits.
  • Phase 4: Initial on-site operations including construction of Visitor Center: Fund-raising underway; seeking a total of $2.5MM.
  • Phase 5: The Leadership Center: Fund-raising has begun; seeking a total of $2.5MM
  • Phase 6: Build the military vehicle track plus first four Landscapes of War: Fund-raising has begun; seeking $250,000 for track plus $7.5MM for each Landscape of War
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The Americans in Wartime Experience is a planned 63-acre educational and historical complex like no other. Designed to tell the stories and honor the sacrifices of all who sacrificially gave during times of conflict — whether on the homefront or abroad — this project will help you walk back into history in an new way. LEARN MORE

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